Multilac-SLINTEC Novid Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Spray,
the most authentic germicidal formula engineered with
modern Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial technology to sterilize
your home, office, car & multiple other surfaces providing
prolonged protection by getting rid of 99.9% of all
super-germs and viruses. This innovative formula is bad
news for the coronavirus too! Novid does not stop by
sterilizing your wooden, steel, concrete, and plastic
surfaces, it also ensures that the aerial microbes around
you are defeated. Purify your surroundings with this
reliable remedy and have prolonged protection.

Once sprayed on a surface, Novid forms a protective
barrier. The advanced nano-technology automatically
protects against viruses and bacteria, it also transforms


the surface into an anti-microbial zone, purifying the air
around the surface, keeping the area safe by eliminating
bacteria in the air.

To get the maximum benefit from the spray and for easy
application, the users need to ensure that the surface is
clean & dry. Shake well before spraying, rolling or wiping
the sprayed liquid on any surface required. The users are
also advised to follow necessary health guidelines as the
NOVID spray alone will not assure 100% protection from

NOVID Extra & Novid spray can be used both
indoors & outdoors.

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